By Henry Suryawirawan

Great technical leadership requires more than just great coding skills. It requires a variety of other skills that are not well-defined, and they are not something that we can fully learn in any school or book. Hear from experienced technical leaders sharing their journey and philosophy for building great technical teams and achieving technical excellence. Find out what makes them great and how to apply those lessons to your work and team.

#7 - Continuous Delivery and Secrets of Consulting - Sriram Narayanan

Sriram Narayanan is a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks Singapore, helping customers on their journey to Continuous Delivery. In this episode, we discussed in depth about what Continuous Delivery is. Ram also gave his valuable tips on how to become a successful consultant and how to manage client stakeholders well.

#6 - Becoming a Tech Influencer Through Storytelling - Stephanie Wong

Stephanie Wong is a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud. In this episode, learn from Stephanie's great tips on becoming a tech influencer, public speaking, storytelling, building a personal brand, and CV writing. She also gave her view on how to empower women to thrive in technology and dealing with imposter syndrome.

#4 - Women in Cybersecurity - Neha Malhotra

"With the kind of security breaches and attacks that we are witnessing in this era, it becomes of prior importance that we prioritize security at the top." Hear from Neha Malhotra, Top 20 Women in Cybersecurity in Singapore 2020, on the importance of cybersecurity and how women can thrive further in cybersecurity and technology.