By Henry Suryawirawan

Great technical leadership requires more than just great coding skills. It requires a variety of other skills that are not well-defined, and they are not something that we can fully learn in any school or book. Hear from experienced technical leaders sharing their journey and philosophy for building great technical teams and achieving technical excellence. Find out what makes them great and how to apply those lessons to your work and team.

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#144 - Better Value Sooner Safer Happier - Jonathan Smart & Simon Rohrer

Jonathan Smart and Simon Rohrer are the co-authors of “Sooner Safer Happier”. In this episode, Jon and Simon shared how we can deliver better outcomes in a more humane way of working, by delivering better value sooner, safer, and happier.

#143 - How to Think Like a Software Engineering Manager - Akanksha Gupta

Akanksha Gupta is the author of “Think Like a Software Engineering Manager”. In this episode, Akanksha described the role of an engineering manager, the key traits of being a good engineering manager, and the three pillars of engineering management.

#142 - The Power of Leadership Principles and Positive Leadership - Michael Foss

Michael Foss is a leadership coach and the founder of CoachFoss LLC. In this episode, we discussed the power of leadership principles and positive leadership, and how to lead a successful process improvement.

#141 - Auditing with Agility: Stop Fearing Your Auditors - Clarissa Lucas

Clarissa Lucas is an audit and risk management leader and the author of “Beyond Agile Auditing”. In this episode, Clarissa shared a novel approach to internal auditing called auditing with agility and its three core components: value-driven auditing, integrated auditing 2.0, and adaptable auditing.

#140 - Tech Founding Lessons from an Incorrigible Entrepreneur - Jothy Rosenberg

Jothy Rosenberg is a serial entrepreneur with exits of over $100 million and the author of an upcoming book “Think Like a Tech Founder”. In this episode, Jothy shared his valuable lessons learned on founding and managing a startup and his inspiring message on overcoming physical disability.

#139 - A Developer's Guide to Effective Software Testing - Mauricio Aniche

Mauricio Aniche is the author of “Effective Software Testing”. In this episode, Mauricio explained how to become a more effective software developer by using effective and systematic software testing approaches.

#137 - Lean DevOps: A Practical Guide to On-Demand Delivery - Robert Benefield

Robert Benefield is the author of “Lean DevOps: A Practical Guide to On Demand Service Delivery”. In this episode, Robert shared insights from his book on how to build successful IT delivery organizations by knowing the target outcomes, building situational awareness, and making effective and timely decisions.

#136 - Privacy Engineering: How to Build for Data Privacy - Nishant Bhajaria

Nishant Bhajaria is cybersecurity and data privacy executive and the author of “Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers”. In this episode, we discussed the importance of data privacy, privacy engineering, and why it is becoming a key concern for users, companies, and regulators.

#135 - Microservice Reflection & Scaling Complex Adaptive System - James Lewis

James Lewis is a Director at ThoughtWorks and a pioneer of microservice architecture. In this episode, James shared his reflection on microservice architecture and its evolution. He also shared insights on how hierarchy types can affect an organization’s growth rate based on complexity science.