By Henry Suryawirawan

Great technical leadership requires more than just great coding skills. It requires a variety of other skills that are not well-defined, and they are not something that we can fully learn in any school or book. Hear from experienced technical leaders sharing their journey and philosophy for building great technical teams and achieving technical excellence. Find out what makes them great and how to apply those lessons to your work and team.

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#94 - Engineering Manager Essentials - Patrick Kua

Patrick Kua is a seasoned technology leader with over 20+ years of experience in various tech leadership positions. In this episode, we discussed Pat’s latest course, Engineering Manager Essentials, which covers all the building blocks required to be an effective and successful Engineering Manager.

#93 - Maximum Value Maximum Speed Software - Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas is the founder & chairman of Bedarra Corp, creator of IBM Smalltalk, VisualAge for Java, Eclipse, Kx Analyst workbench and Skills Matter YOW! Australia conferences. In this episode, Dave shared about his personal research, 42D, on ideas we can use to develop high-value software rapidly.

#92 - Agile and Holistic Testing - Janet Gregory & Lisa Crispin

Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin are the co-authors of several books on Agile Testing and the co-founders of Agile Testing Fellowship. In this episode, Janet and Lisa shared in-depth about agile testing and holistic testing concepts, and shared their perspectives on exploratory testing and testing in production.

#91 - Lean Software Development Principles and Mindset - Mary & Tom Poppendieck

Mary & Tom Poppendieck are the co-authors of several books on lean, including the now-classic “Lean Software Development (2003)”. In this episode, Mary & Tom shared about lean software development, problems with proxies, managing by outcomes, and optimizing flow.

#90 - Clean Craftsmanship - Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)

Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) is an acclaimed author, speaker, and thought leader in the software industry. In this episode, Uncle Bob shared insights from his latest book, “Clean Craftsmanship”, describing the essential disciplines, standards, and ethics of software craftsmanship.

#89 - Code That Fits in Your Head - Mark Seemann

Mark Seemann is an acclaimed author, international speaker, and a highly experienced developer. In this episode, Mark shared insights from his latest book, “Code That Fits in Your Head”, on how to write sustainable software and manage software complexity by applying some heuristics and practices.

#88 - Observability Engineering - Liz Fong-Jones

Liz Fong-Jones is the co-author of the “Observability Engineering” book and a Principal Developer Advocate for SRE and Observability at Honeycomb. In this episode, Liz shared in-depth about observability, why it is becoming an important practice, and ways to implement and improve our system’s observability.

#87 - Learning to Program With Exercism and Building Employee Culture With Kaido - Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker is the co-founder of Exercism and Kaido. In this episode, Jeremy shared about what Exercism and Kaido are, his experiences running a large open source program, building company culture and practical tips on improving our personal well-being.

#86 - Adaptive Systems with Wardley Mapping, Domain-Driven Design, and Team Topologies - Susanne Kaiser

Susanne Kaiser is the author of the upcoming book “Adaptive Systems with Domain-Driven Design, Wardley Mapping, and Team Topologies”. In this episode, Susanne shared insights from her book on how to bring together those 3 techniques to design and build adaptive systems for a fast flow of change.

#85 - Agile Recruiting: Hiring in a Complex and Uncertain World - Jens Olberding

Jens Olberding is the author of “Agile Recruiting” and an expert in agile HR management. In this episode, Jens shared about the great resignation trend, agile recruiting, and a few of recruiting best practices, including the SuSiBOL interview technique.