By Henry Suryawirawan

Great technical leadership requires more than just great coding skills. It requires a variety of other skills that are not well-defined, and they are not something that we can fully learn in any school or book. Hear from experienced technical leaders sharing their journey and philosophy for building great technical teams and achieving technical excellence. Find out what makes them great and how to apply those lessons to your work and team.

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#114 - A Radical Enterprise & Radical Collaboration - Matt K. Parker

Matt K. Parker is the author of “A Radical Enterprise”. In this episode, Matt explained in-depth the four key imperatives that organizations must practice for establishing radical collaboration, i.e. team autonomy, managerial devolution, deficiency gratification, and candid vulnerability.

#113 - Architecture Decision Record (ADR) - Michael Keeling

Michael Keeling is an experienced software engineer, architect, and the author of “Design It!”. In this episode, Michael shared in-depth about ADR for recording architecture decisions, including its benefits, practical tips, patterns, and anti-patterns in practising ADR.

#112 - Developer Productivity and Experience - Abi Noda

Abi Noda is the CEO & co-founder of DX. In this episode, Abi shared what developer experience is, why it is becoming an industry trend nowadays, and explained how DX is building on top of DORA and SPACE to measure and improve developer experience and productivity.

#111 - Teach the Geek to Speak: Public Speaking for Technical Professionals - Neil Thompson

Neil Thompson is the founder of Teach the Geek and a public speaking coach. In this episode, Neil explained the importance of public speaking for technical professionals and shared public speaking tips and how to overcome common challenges.

#110 - Elastic Leadership: Growing Self-Organizing Teams - Roy Osherove

Roy Osherove is the author of “Elastic Leadership”. In this episode, Roy described what elastic leadership is and explained how leaders can adapt and transition their leadership style based on the 3 team phases (survival mode, learning mode, and self-organizing mode).

#109 - A Strengths-Based Approach to Leadership - Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller is the founder and CEO of 34 Strong and one of the first 7 certified Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder coaches in the world. In this episode, Brandon introduced what CliftonStrengths is and why it is important for us to recognize and focus on our strengths in both our personal and work lives.

#108 - Building the Future of Cloud Engineering With Pulumi - Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy is the co-founder and CEO of Pulumi. In this episode, Joe shared the concept of cloud engineering as the next evolution of DevOps and explained how it changes the way we build, deploy, and manage infrastructure and application in the product development lifecycle.

#107 - Data Mesh: Delivering Data-Driven Value at Scale - Zhamak Dehghani

Zhamak Dehghani is the author of the “Data Mesh” book. In this episode, we discussed in-depth about the data mesh, a concept she founded in 2018, and why organizations should adopt it to generate data-driven values at scale.

#106 - Company-wide Agility With BOSSA Nova - Jutta Eckstein

Jutta Eckstein is a coach, consultant, and trainer helping teams and organizations worldwide making an Agile transition. In this episode, Jutta broke down BOSSA nova and explained each concept and principles of Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy, and Agile.

#105 - Coaching for Technical Leaders - Bob Galen

Bob Galen is the President & Principal Agile Coach at RGCG and a prolific writer, blogger, and podcaster. In this episode, Bob and I discussed coaching and leadership from his latest book “Extraordinarily Badass Agile Coaching” and why he suggests that coaching is an essential core leadership skill.