Siavash Sakhavi
The podcast has been amazing. The wide spectrum of interviews you’ve done from life and work management, to async and remote to engineering management has really influenced me for the better. It’s broadened my horizon.
I remember, after the #17 episode, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for at least a few weeks. The concept was new to me and really broadened my thinking.
Dalibor Belic
It’s by far the best dev podcast and I’ve listened to each one I believe. You don’t have many ads, you start right off with the essentials. Your guest are apex of the industry. Your podcast inspired me to get much much more in depth in terms of software development. I’ve been enjoying what I’m doing as never before.
Zharfan Akbar Andriawan
I’m now a lead mobile engineer at one of YC-backed companies in Indonesia. I’m becoming the lead from day one I graduated from my university (I interned in the company since I was in university, and immediately became the leader of my team after I graduated). But, I lacked Technical Wisdom on how to become a leader or manage a team in a professional context. By listening to a lot of your episodes, I think I gain a lot. I can manage my team and grow my team to not only do the work but also have a high standard of work. One of the episodes that I like is your episode with Uncle Bob, it gives a lot of insights for me, one analogy that I remember is that dirty work-shower analogy haha. I often listen to your podcasts while I am running in the morning. I also mentioned your podcasts on my blog: https://medium.com/@zharfan104/my-top-podcast-10f6edd4c793
Anthony Joyes
I operate a Guild in the organisation I work within, for Cloud capabilities. I listen to and share onwards the podcasts you present each week to my Guild colleagues (c200 people). I find something of use and interest in every weekly production.
I know how hard it can be to produce content and events, so I have huge admiration for you. Keep the guests coming and know that what you are doing is really valuable!
Sandeep Rao
I like your overall style and how you have maintained a very high standard for the guests you bring on to the podcast. You are a true inspiration Henry. Keep up the awesome work!
Kinga Borkowska
Hi, simply wanted to say thank you for great podcasts and all the effort you put in preparing them. I listen to them regularly every weekend and really appreciate diversity of topics - from devops and infrastructure, through unit tests to leadership and communication skills. Wow! I always learn something new!
Karuppiah Natarajan
I love the fact that there’s a transcript. Being a non-native English speaker, I sometimes find it hard to understand the accent of English-speaking individuals, and usually use subtitles when I find it hard to process when people are speaking in a fast-paced speed according to me. I love that the transcripts are helping me. I’m also a fan of text content, in the fact that they help me skim through and also help me search stuff easily with just a simple text search. Thanks for having the transcript. I’m sure it’s also helping in the form of accessibility. So, all in all, awesome work!
Pranay Roy
I like the questions you ask. They are well-thought. In the background, you also study your guest’s experiences. So your questions are catered towards them. And, there is always good takeaways from the answers. These answers have your own inputs as well. So this feels like a natural conversation and not an interview - which is very important!
Joseph Masini
Hi Henry, I stumbled across our podcast completely by accident and thoroughly enjoyed the #28 episode with James Stanier. The execution and flow are brilliant, especially the information you collect on the podcast page. And the content itself resonated with my personal experience and discussions I had with other managers and leads. I am looking forward to more podcasts and you can count me in as a subscriber!
Hi Henry, I’m from Singapore and I wanted to say that I enjoyed your podcasts. I got to know about your podcast from the recent one with Crystal Widjaja and have started to tune in more often. I love the way you’ve thought about the questions to ask as they were incredibly structured to get the responses that make sense to listeners.
Premsundar Sudalaimuthu
It is absolutely fantastic to hear the people you choose to talk about the tech and looking forward to hear more episodes.